Ohio Drivers

When it is just RAIN… not even a full out monsoon, just a mist, drivers in this state suddenly lose all sense of how to operate a vehicle.

WTH, Ohio?! My general route is along the Southeast of Columbus, primarily 317, aka S. Hamilton Rd and Rt 23. HoLy SEMI’s. You’d think driving machinery of this magnitude, they’d have to take special cours— oh wait, yah, they do! Yet, semi drivers can’t seem to grasp the concept of s h i f t i n g.

BTW- FYI, I’m no Einstein, but I did attend elementary school and I am familiar with numbers. If the first number on the speed limit sign is a ‘5’, and the second number is shaped the same way… guess what- it’s another ‘5’. Drivers, let’s put these 2 together (uh oh, did I lose you when I said ‘2’ ?). Dang.. Allow me to take a different angle with this: When the above numbers (excluding the ‘2’) are put side by side, what do we get?

Do we get 47?… no

39? … nope

52? … nope

In fact, that would be 55. The speed limit is 55. WHY does nobody else see this.. Speed limit signs are not suggestions! They are the permitted speed in which you can legally travel. So, if you feel the need to mosey along at a whopping 42, get the hell out of my way.

I don’t know who just drives around for a leisurely stroll, or has the time to. I have somewhere to be or my happy ass would be parked in the comfort of my couch!

I literally question fate when grandpa time or betty no-where-better-to-be pull out in front of me. I question life, I question everything I’ve ever known. They must have been sent to drive ahead of me, but what could possibly be the reason why. Would there be an accident up ahead, therefore, this will slow me down so I am not a victim? Because then I’d have to deal with insurance and legalities.. And I just don’t have time for that. I have a job, I have a family, I have commitments and obligations. Who would feed the dogs, cook the dinner, run the errands. I mean, I contemplate everything! Whilst screaming obscenities at the driver ahead of me. It’s a true mind game. My anxiety levels are at capacity. I could sincerely get disability for road rage.

You have arrived at your destination. Before I know it, I’m where I was trying to be all along. Could have gotten there 5 minutes sooner, I’d be 3 cars ahead in this drive-thru, or 5 people up in this line. Maybe that product would not have been sold out 5 minutes ago. If I punched into work 5 minutes earlier, I could leeeeave 5 minutes earlier.

Thus, avoiding the particular traffic I’d be in 5 minutes later.

This is how my mind works, but this is just the tip, yo’. My blogs will be the #truth of adulthood from my perspective.










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